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Thinking about a Career in Massage Therapy?

Read on to see if it’s the right path for you.

Is a Massage Career Right for You?

Perks of Being a Massage Therapist:

  • Job Satisfaction. Massage Therapy is frequently a second or third career, and thus Massage Therapists tend to really know what type of work they want to do once they land on massage therapy. Because the profession allows MTs to make such a meaningful and immediate difference in the lives of others, Massage Therapists routinely receive among the highest marks for job satisfaction.

  • Strong Compensation. Earn up to $100 / hour as an independent; Earn up to $45 / hour + benefits as an employee. Benefits may include health insurance, retirement savings programs, continuing education support, licensure repayment, tuition reimbursement, complimentary massages, and disability insurance.

  • Flexibility. Massage Therapy is not a typical 9-5 job. Often, ‘full-time’ is around 30 hours. Those hours can be flexibly scheduled mornings, evenings, and/or weekends. Part-time Massage Therapists can choose their hours. The career affords MTs the ability to flow from full- to part-time depending on what works best for them as the demands and preferences change.

  • Environment. Like to work alone? You can. Prefer a team environment? No problem. You can choose a spa, therapeutic studio, hospital, hospice, or chiropractic / PT setting, among others. You may even choose to split your time across a couple.

  • Advancement Opportunities. Some MTs are content to practice massage, while others yearn to build on that foundation. Opportunities include clinic or team management, clinic ownership, and providing education. Many MTs continue to practice in addition to enjoying opportunities to grow in the field.

  • Demand. MTs are in extremely high demand across all practice settings. How high? If you post your resume on Indeed, you will receive many, many contacts. Many enticements will be offered, including hiring bonuses in excess of $1k, tuition reimbursement, training, and support to ensure that your transition to a professional massage career is a smooth and successful one.

Challenges of Being a Massage Therapist:
  • Dealing with the public. Most of your clients will be absolutely wonderful, but occasionally, you may have one who doesn’t smell so great, who is difficult to deal with, who is looking for more than just a massage from you, or who doesn’t tip! Carefully choosing the environment in which you will practice can mitigate this issue.

  • Collapsing schedule. Many MTs earn per massage, so when your schedule is not booked, you are not earning money. Due to heavy demand for your services, this does not tend to be a problem for highly skilled MTs. In addition, if you choose your practice environment well, you will likely be as busy as you would like to be.

  • Overwork. MT is a physical job and requires stamina, careful management of body mechanics, and scheduling. Experience massage therapists can help you navigate this successfully, as well as ramping up your schedule slowly as a new.
Characteristics of Successful Massage Therapists:
  • Motivated and energized by serving others.

  • Continuous learner.

  • Careful listener, and good communicator.
Interested in MT? Here are some useful next steps:
  • Reading this article is a great start…does the career still appeal to you?

  • Learn about the education and licensing requirements for your state. Everyday Bliss Massage School can provide you with a summary of this.

  • Talk to a couple of massage therapists, preferably working in environments that interest you. Think about what excites you the most and what concerns you the most about the career.

  • Still interested? Learn about the schools in your area. Everyday Bliss Massage School can provide you with a summary of local schools. Interview the ones that seem to align best with your interests. Get your questions and concerns answered.

Once you settle on a school, you will need to apply. Massage School typically takes about a year to complete, and costs about $12K.

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Is a Massage Career Right for You?
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Is a Massage Career Right for You?